Aselin Lands – Artist and Art Educator

Aselin Lands is a middle school art and computer applications teacher at Parkland Magnet Middle School in Rockville, Maryland and a member of the Montgomery County Public Schools Arts Collaboration. Lands earned her Master of Arts in Teaching and Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, DC. While an apprentice artist with Arts on the Block, Lands learned the value of being an active member of the community and has endeavored to bring the importance of this principle to her students.   Prior to embarking on her teaching career, Lands worked for The Gary Rosenthal Collection, interned with Children’s Hospital Creative and Therapeutic Services Department, and taught at THEARC in Washington, DC.

“Collaboration is the skill I honed most while at AOB and is most useful in my professional life. It has become a strong personal value of mine.”

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