Pour Your ART Out (PYAO)

Pour Your ART Out (PYAO) art apprentices learn about working in a professional art studio and develop job skills that can be used in any career. This is a free program, and AOB also provides opportunities to earn either Student Service Learning (SSL) Hours, internship credit, or an educational stipend. We will be working out of our new location in the library in Downtown Silver Spring!

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What is Pour Your ART Out (PYAO)?

PYAO is a free, summer studio intensive workshop for creative high school students who are interested in learning about and preparing to work in the creative industries. By joining this program, you become an apprentice artist in the AOB studio and get to work with our amazing teaching artists on art commissions for real clients. You will learn about the business of art, strengthen your visual art skills, and gain experience that can be used in any career by making public artwork that will be installed in the DMV.

Responsibilities include:

  • Planning project meetings and communicating with clients;
  • Tracking time and material expenses with specific projects;
  • Drafting and presenting artwork designs;
  • Receiving feedback and improving concepts and designs;
  • Working with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures;
  • Actively participating in all discussions, activities, and projects;
  • Working in teams to solve problems and create artwork.

Minimum Job Requirements:

  • Show up to work on time and have great attendance;
  • Be open to trying a new medium and/or improving your creative skills;
  • Dress appropriately for work;
  • Practice workplace professionalism;
  • Participate with curiosity and enthusiasm to learn and have fun;
  • Respect fellow apprentices, staff, supervisors, and visitors.

PYAO Apprentice Qualifications:

  • Currently in high school and/or age 14-21 years old;
  • Considering a career in art, design, or a related profession;
  • Currently has an art portfolio or would like to develop one;
  • Wants to share creative work and enjoys working in teams;
  • Can commit to our six week program schedule, June 29 through August 7, 2020, Monday-Friday, 10-4:30pm;
  • Can be responsible for your own transportation to and from the program.

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