Studio Crew


Candida Henriquez

I’ve been doing this since I was a little girl and I noticed a lot of people enjoyed it. I also enjoyed that every art contest I was in elementary school I won first place which made me feel great and I kept doing it since then. The kind of media I do are painting, drawing and started doing photography. I like working with my hands to design many art pieces and getting down and dirty to make them perfect. I want to be able to show my culture in my artwork. Also want my art pieces to describe who I am. What inspires me to paint and draw is all the multimedia art there is around where I live and where I travel to. Everywhere in El Salvador you see graffiti and different types of landscapes that grabs my attention to create something of my own. My artwork reflects my background and how I push through the challenges that I had to face with my family. It was my way out the real world to find my inner self.



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