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Design Your Future

Design Your Future provides professional development opportunities for Emerging Artists at AOB that allow them to explore pathways into the creative workforce. In the Fall of 2019, a group of our Studio Crew artists expressed interest in helping with a social media campaign that would highlight creative careers, and the steps necessary to get there. Along the way, they researched, illustrated and wrote about what it takes to work in a chosen creative profession.

In addition to creating this social media campaign, the DYF Cohort also worked with Mentors: empowering, knowledgeable, and resourceful adult volunteers. The DYF Cohort and Mentors work one-on-one mapping, strategizing and pursuing long-term goals, and all of the small steps necessary to pave a pathway into a career.

Below you can see the individual Avatars created by our pilot DYF Cohort, and click on the illustrations to view further art and research that went into this project.

Click the Avatars below to learn more about their creative careers