In Memory of a Creative Life
David P. Moore

Dave was an awesome artist, and really ‘artist’ is who he was in all aspects of his life. He freely shared his talents with others, encouraged his family and friends to pursue art, and was the most creative person many had ever met. 

This gallery shows early examples of watercolor, pen & ink, collage, and sculpture. Later, he developed significant macular degeneration that kept him from being able to doodle and paint. 

He started to do foil art as a way to express himself in his macular degeneration phase of late life.  He made rules for how he would make the art (only one piece of foil, no cutting, no gluing, folding/tearing only). 

We are inspired in our studio to learn from his creative practice.

Be great for your team, experiment with media, and push through barriers to express yourself.

Excellent advice from a well-lived creative life!

We are grateful for gifts received in Dave’s honor. Add to Dave’s artistic legacy through the Creative Futures Fund.