Using Voice and Choice to Explore Places in Community

From 2011-2019, AOB partnered with Collaboration Council to produce after school art programs for under-served middle school students in Montgomery County through the Excel Beyond the Bell (EBB) program. 

Sparking Interests and Exploring Opportunities

In preparation for our new studio headquarters, AOB is refining our studio-based curriculum to create experiences and opportunities for young artists to use imagery, symbolism, and abstraction to create individual artworks while developing their personal vision and voice. The creative practice curriculum is based on AOB’s eight studio habits. Studio projects connect with familiar community locations and use a variety of media (mosaic, printmaking, illustration, animation, sculpture, and recycled materials) to respond to those people and places. Young participants are oriented toward art opportunities in high school, and the creative careers beyond.

Stay tuned! We expect to launch our first cohort and schedule in September 2020. 

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