Pour Your ART Out (PYAO)

Pour Your ART Out (PYAO) is a creative youth workforce and entrepreneurial training program, serving 45-60 teens per year and recognized for the hundreds of publicly installed artworks throughout Montgomery County and the DC Metro area.

PYAO engages diverse high school students in managing real-world art projects for paying clients. Participants are selected after a rigorous application process. Once accepted, they become apprentices, earning a small training wage while employed in the creation of a commissioned art for a variety of public, private, and non-profit organizations. Over the course of a project, apprentices learn to manage the entire life cycle of a creative product: interpreting customer needs; designing, constructing, and documenting work; planning, budgeting, scheduling; and executing quality-control processes. PYAO graduates have the real-world arts experience and skill set required to lead public art commissions. They also receive college and career counseling, job-readiness training, and develop strong capacities for teamwork.

PYAO ensures that youth learn the essential elements of engaging the creative economy by providing them with entrepreneurial training and developing their understanding of the art commission process. Apprentices explore the essential principles and elements of design and color theory, mastering relevant mosaic, painting or other technical skills, while generating ideas based on client expectations, spatial needs and budgets. Apprentices present their concepts, revise them in collaboration with the client, learn to manage project time and costs, and then ultimately construct the artwork and ready it for installation.

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