Studio Crew


Ruqayyah Aakil

 Hi my name is Ruqayyah Aakil, I’m 18 years old and I am on the Studio Crew at Arts On The Block. My main form of art is digital photography, and I’ve recently gotten into the art of film photography which takes a whole different set of skills to accomplish a single piece. With my art I like to capture people, people in any state of being. From modeling an outfit to capturing the perfect candid of a child’s pearly white teeth. Or that perfect moment when line, shape, frame, and color or even lack of color come together to create the perfect image. It brings up a feeling of accomplishment that I rarely get to feel, and what hits even more is when I get to see the joy a simple image brings to someone else. 

My second love is making mosaics. The satisfaction you get from completing a mosaic is like nothing else. I joined Arts On The Block to keep my creative side open, and to thrive in a great environment. The work I strive to create brings people together so that everything I create is a great work of art whether, be it for an event, my portfolio, or a personal photo shoot. I hope my work always brings joy.


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