It’s Fun and Easy to Commission Artwork!

Talented emerging artists walk you through a fun and easy process that results a unique, high-quality work of art. Our apprentices plan, design and produce your project, ensuring that your new artwork is delivered on time and within budget. Arts on the Block teaching and management staff are here every step of the way to be sure you’re satisfied.

Tell Us About Your Project
Visit our studio or talk by phone to discuss the size, budget and timeline for your project. The AOB team will show you some examples and ask about your preferences for style, content and colors. We’ll also make some practical choices about materials and installation methods.

Review the Design and Approve the Project
Within one week, you’ll receive a design proposal with all the details of your project, a price estimate and timeline, and a few design sketches. Our apprentices love feedback and will work on the design until you’re satisfied. When you’re ready, we’ll send over an agreement for your approval.

Art Apprentices Get to Work
An apprentice team is assigned your project. They make a production plan, review it with a master artist, assemble materials, and use visual problem-solving to translate the design from paper to glass tile.

Progress Updates
Check in any time and we’re happy to send progress photos by email. It won’t be long before your work is complete!

Delivery and Installation
Depending on the project, we’ll either deliver your artwork ready to mount or contract with a professional for permanent installation. All our workmanship is guaranteed for one year following installation.

Have Questions or Ready to Get Started?
We’re excited to hear from you! Call us at 240-645-0730 or send an email to

Examples of Previously Commissioned Art

Large Scale Commissions:

Mid-scale Commissions:

Home and Office Commissions:

Small-scale Commissions:

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