Youth Arts Movement (YAM)

YAM, Ruby, Self-Portrait Collage, mixed media

Using Voice and Choice to Explore Places in Community

Over nearly two decades AOB has engaged young artists in community design projects and creative activities after school, in parks, at community centers, and through partner programs. Last year, we set out to design an in-studio experience that aligns with our strengths in sequential, studio-based art training.

We’re proud to introduce Youth Arts Movement (YAM) now in its pilot cohort of 18 young artists in our online studio.

In the YAM studio, young artists use a variety of creative materials and artistic methods to develop their personal vision and voice through individual artworks. Artist-led team projects connect with familiar community locations and use a variety of media (mosaic, printmaking, illustration, animation, sculpture, and recycled materials) to respond to people, places, and priorities. YAM’ers who stay with the studio are oriented toward creative opportunities in elementary, middle school, high school and beyond. 

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