Mentor an Emerging Creative Professional!

Mentorship at AOB

Launched in 2019, the mission of the Mentorship Program is to complement the collaborative emphasis of AOB studio work with individualized one-on-one mentorship that supports emerging artists to envision and achieve their educational and career goals. As AOB youth form meaningful and mutual relationships with creative professionals, they:

  • Practice self-promotion and self-advocacy; 
  • Learn long-term envisioning and planning skills;
  • Receive specialized assistance with their endeavors; and 
  • Develop a social and professional network beyond AOB.
Inspire Achievement as an AOB Mentor!

AOB Mentors are empowering, knowledgeable, resourceful, adult volunteers who serve as a support and trusted confidant to an emerging creative and helps ensure that important academic, professional, and life skill milestones are met. They also expose young artists to a network of opportunities and a wide array of resources while encouraging positive professional and educational choices and building pathways to long-term goals. What’s more, one-on-one mentorship is a proven tool for achieving inclusion and equity in the creative industries where familiarity with professional norms and a strong network of connections can be the key to a young person’s success.




Mentee Nancy's Vision Board, created with Mentor Roxana
Mentor Roxana's Vision Board, created with Mentee Nancy

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