Mentor an Emerging Creative Professional!

Mentorship at AOB

Launched in 2019, the mission of the Mentorship Program is to complement the collaborative emphasis of AOB studio work with individualized one-on-one mentorship that supports emerging artists to envision and achieve their educational and career goals. As AOB youth form meaningful and mutual relationships with creative professionals, they:

  • Practice self-promotion and self-advocacy; 
  • Learn long-term envisioning and planning skills;
  • Receive specialized assistance with their endeavors; and 
  • Develop a social and professional network beyond AOB.
Inspire Achievement as an AOB Mentor!

AOB Mentors are empowering, knowledgeable, resourceful, adult volunteers who serve as a support and trusted confidant to an emerging creative and helps ensure that important academic, professional, and life skill milestones are met. They also expose young artists to a network of opportunities and a wide array of resources while encouraging positive professional and educational choices and building pathways to long-term goals. What’s more, one-on-one mentorship is a proven tool for achieving inclusion and equity in the creative industries where familiarity with professional norms and a strong network of connections can be the key to a young person’s success.



Arts on the Block Volunteer Mentor


Arts on the Block Art Studio:

900 Wayne Ave, Suite 1A

Silver Spring, MD 20910



About AOB

Arts on the Block (AOB) operates a working art studio in Silver Spring and we provide direct service programs to high school and middle school youth in the Washington, DC region.



About the Role

Here at Arts on the Block we are excited to nurture and help develop the minds of young creatives in career readiness. Our goal is to aid our emerging artists in making public art, contributing to their communities, joining the creative workforce, and designing the future!




Interested volunteers must…

  • Have at least 3 years of professional experience in the field
  • Pass a background check

  • Submit an application and include at least two professional references

  • Exhibit a genuine passion in empowering young creative leaders

  • Have a solid network, willingness to share resources, and make professional connections

  • Prior Mentorship experience a plus

Mentee Nancy's Vision Board, created with Mentor Roxana
Mentor Roxana's Vision Board, created with Mentee Nancy

The Mentor’s Responsibilities and Duties to Arts on the Block

Every Volunteer must be able to…

  • Participate in providing feedback to Mentor Administrator

  • Consult with your department head or other colleagues if questions arise

  • Attend quarterly meetings with other Mentors to discuss the Design Your Future Program successes and areas to improve. Training will also take place during quarterly meetings.

  • Complete check-in sheets to track the progress and goals of Emerging Artist during each monthly meeting

  • Support the building of a safe, supportive, welcoming, and trauma-sensitive environment 


The Mentor’s Responsibilities and Duties to the Mentee

Every Volunteer must be able to…

  • Commit to being a Mentor for the Mentee for 10 months (September – June)

  • Commit to meeting with Mentee on a regular basis, up to 2 hrs a month – meetings should not occur during the Mentee’s work/schooltime

  • Keep in touch with the Mentee consistently –  by email or scheduled online meetings

  • Go over the Mentee’s explicit goals and objectives for the professional partnership with a willingness to explore resources that could benefit the Mentee

  • Play an equal role in relationship building, but allows the Mentee to take responsibility for their growth, development, and career planning 

  • Provide frank, honest, and constructive feedback all while maintaining an environment of mutual respect, honesty, confidence, and acceptance

  • Provide encouragement and assists the Mentee in identifying professional development activities

  • Follow through on commitments made to Mentee 

  • Respect Mentee’s limits and states one’s own limits

  • Build a safe space and open communication for conflict resolution

  • Recognize and work through conflicts in caring ways, invite discussion on differences with the Mentee, and arrange for a third party to assist, if necessary 

  • Maintain a professional relationship that doesn’t intrude the Mentee’s personal life; does not expect to be close friends




Contact Us to Apply!


Applications are available on our website:

Should you have any questions please reach out to our Mentoring Coordinator, Monica Gish, via email at