Block Talks

Block Talks are small, informal presentations — a chance for emerging creatives and their families to hear from and speak with experienced professionals through small groups, short presentations, and active conversations.  While there are opportunities to receive similar information at a larger scale elsewhere, we want to provide a smaller alternative for families and students who thrive from closeness and connection with the presenters.

Block Talks were piloted in the PYAO summer studio in 2019, as opportunities for AOB studio apprentices to present on topics important to their lives and share their knowledge with other apprentices.  The intimacy and close connections made through those Block Talks inspired us to create similar experiences for AOB studio crew, alumni, family and friends.

Interested in presenting a Block Talk? Contact Austin Hill.

Feb. 6 – Financial Literacy
Presented by: Mindi Schools, Fulton Bank representative
6-7:30p.m. at 8510 Fenton St. (Silver Spring, MD)

March 6 – Resume/CV Workshop
Presented by: Raphael Richard Jr., T. Howard Foundation representative
6-7:30p.m. at 8510 Fenton St. (Silver Spring, MD

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