Through its programs, Arts on the Block offers area youth the opportunity to imagine, create and shape fulfilling futures while contributing to the quality of life in their communities. Collectively, AOB programs bring educational guidance, entrepreneurial training and a real-world experience in the arts that imparts transferable life skills. Individually, participants receive professional mentoring and personal attention that strengthens development and encourages achievement.

Studio Crew and Design Your Future (DYF)

Studio Crew members (ages 18 - 24) earn and work through summer intensives and year-round projects to produce large-scale public art. Along the way, they receive customized professional skills training, connect with a creative network, and pursue individualized plans for success in the creative industries. In the pilot year of Design Your Future (DYF), six studio crew members met monthly with Artist Advocates (alumni/mentors) to work on next step career-pathing. The DYF cohort honed their professional skills and portfolios, and launched a social media campaign including illustrated avatars pursuing creative careers. The DYF pilot is expanding to include all crew members in the coming year.

Pour Your Art Out (PYAO)

Pour Your Art Out (PYAO) is the longest-running creative workforce development program in Montgomery County where youth (ages 14 - 18) are paid apprentices who develop their creativity into meaningful life direction, educational achievement, and economically viable careers. In a studio inspired by social inclusion, AOB welcomed youth to a new virtual environment this summer with challenging new ways to learn about the intersection of art, design, and business.

YAM, Marley, Self-Portrait Collage (Mermaid), mixed media

Youth Arts Movement (YAM)

Youth Arts Movement (YAM) is a 4-week, online, visual art program for young artists (ages 4 - 13) with STEAM elements. This inaugural session has been conducted in Spanish and English with 18 participants. The visual art and “science/tech” activities provide an introductory experience in elements of art, while revealing a seamless and engaging connection between science and art. The exhibited images are all works-in-progress: using color to gather visual data; exploring metaphor, simile and visual imagery in Haiku poetry; and experimenting with watercolor, pencil, and markers to create a Self-Portrait Collage.

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