Through its programs, Arts on the Block offers area youth the opportunity to imagine, create and shape fulfilling futures while contributing to the quality of life in their communities. Collectively, AOB programs bring educational guidance, entrepreneurial training and a real-world experience in the arts that imparts transferable life skills. Individually, participants receive professional mentoring and personal attention that strengthens development and encourages achievement.

Youth Arts Movement (YAM)

Youth Arts Movement (YAM) is taught both in-person at specific Montgomery County Public Schools and is an online visual art program for young artists (ages 4 - 14). Using STEM elements, visual art and science/tech activities provide an introductory experience in basic biology, physics, and chemistry while revealing a seamless and engaging connection between science, nature, and art.

The Apprentice Program (TAP)

Formerly called Pour Your Art Out, The Apprentice Program (TAP) is the longest-running creative workforce development program in the DC metro region. High school students (ages 14 - 18) with a passion for the arts become apprentice artists who earn either a stipend or Student Service Learning hours (SSL) to develop their creativity into transferable career and life skills while collaborating with creative peers in an inclusive studio environment.

Fabrication & Digital Crew

Studio Crew members (ages 18 - 24) earn and work through year-round projects to produce large-scale public art. Along the way, they receive customized professional skills training, connect with a creative network, and pursue individualized plans for success in the creative industries. Fabrication Crew creates our mosaic commissions in a Covid-safe, hybrid studio space. Digital Crew works virtually through with Adobe Creative Cloud tools on design and illustration projects.

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program was launched in 2019 to complement the collaborative emphasis of AOB studio work with individualized one-on-one mentorship that supports emerging artists to envision and achieve their educational and career goals. Mentor pairs form meaningful and mutual relationships where apprentices and studio crew receive specialized assistance with their endeavors and develop a social and professional network beyond AOB.