Teaching Artists

Carien Quiroga
Founding Lead Teaching Artist

Carien was born in Pretoria, South Africa and in December 2002 relocated to the USA. She holds a BA in Criminology & Psychology as well as a BA (Fine Arts). Her award winning work, widely exhibited in her native South Africa and in the USA, deals with the feminine principle, social and environmental issues and her experiences as a woman. She also creates mixed- media mosaic public art and as artist-in-residence she works with community groups, schools and non-profit organizations to create public art in their communities. She teaches a variety of workshops and classes to all ages both locally and internationally.


Lisa Horowitz
Mosaic Teaching Artist

Lisa Horowitz has worked in the area of mosaics for over 20 years.  A former attorney and psychologist, she is now happily committed to working as a full-time artist. Lisa is passionate about the possibilities of mosaic artwork, pursuing advanced training in techniques such as three-dimensional mosaic art, concrete and hybrid armatures, Byzantine style mosaics, and “collage-type” assemblages incorporating a range of material including stones, metal, jewels, and found objects. She loves the vividness and vibrancy of mosaics, as well as the opportunities to explore texture and dimension. See more of Horowitz’s work on her Instagram and her website Lisahorowitz.com

Jadyn Covington
Studio Manager and TAP Assistant

Jadyn is a jack of all trades artist based in the Washington, DC area. Though her main mediums are writing and illustration, she has dabbled in jewelry making, embroidery, toy modifications, and many other experimental art phases. Jadyn takes a lot of inspiration from her own life and culture, as well as from the supernatural/fantastical and nostalgia. She is also heavily influenced by other cultures around the world like Japan, Italy, and South Korea, be it their art, cuisine, fashion, lifestyle, etc. She loves color and variety and enjoys not being stuck in a box creatively when it comes to her art, Jadyn thrives personally in that spontaneity. A lot of her visual art is straightforward for the purposes of storytelling and sending well thought out messages to those who view it.