Chase New Markets

Over three years, JPMorganChase will introduce new Chase Bank branches in neighborhoods throughout the DC region. In collaboration, Arts on the Block is producing public art for selected branches and communities. Read more about JPMorganChase’s investment in cities around the world at Advancing Cities.


Chase New Markets

This project includes planning, design, fabrication, and installation of large mosaic art pieces through a community-integrated process utilizing AOB’s professional teen apprenticeship model. In addition to the artwork itself, this project provides business and design training for local creative teens; allows for responsive engagement with community members; introduces the Chase branches and teams to their new neighborhoods; and is already causing a positive ripple effect through the regional creative economy.

Client Meetings
AOB’s studio crew met with the Chase design team to learn about the project and the variety of careers available in the financial industries – including the architects, interior designers, and builders who work to open each Chase branch. 

Pop-Up Mosaic Studio
To get started, AOB secured a pop up mosaic studio, made possible by the Anacostia Arts Center. Led by a professional teaching team and the AOB studio crew, creative youth from Wards 7 & 8 participated in short-term paid apprenticeships to produce large-scale mosaic murals. Their professional studio positions included working directly with the JPMorganChase team to understand their needs and managing the entire lifecycle of the mosaic artwork.

Community Connections
Two community design charrettes were held to explore the rich history, diversity of styles, and cultural meanings of African Wax Prints– inspiration from the client’s creative brief.  AOB apprentices contemplated the visual palette of textile patterns provided by the community, translated those images into mosaic mural designs, and presented their designs to the community and the Chase team. From there, apprentices received feedback, improved their designs, and ultimately selected the strongest designs. 

The Reveal
Today, stunning mosaic murals are installed at four JPMorganChase branches, Historic Anacostia, Park & 14th, Minnesota Avenue and downtown Silver Spring. We are excited to begin work for future Chase locations. Stay tuned!

“A Grandmother’s Love”, a 15’x15′ mosaic commissioned by Chase Bank and installed at 3900 Minnesota Avenue NE of the Greenway neighborhood.

Designed by: Digi

Fabricated by: the AOB Studio Crew

“My inspiration for this mosaic was my (maternal and paternal) grandmothers. I wanted to reflect the kindness and warm nature of someone who loves you no matter. Someone who is there for emotional support and being the backbone of the family. That’s what the vines and flowers are supposed to show. She’s entangled in every life event. These elements also give her this ‘mother earth’ vibe to provide beauty and serenity.  I want people to feel a sense of home and to take pride of our older generation that has helped shape our lives. I hope that people of all different backgrounds can honor their family members from this mosaic.”  – AOB Artist, Damon aka “Digi,” Age 21

From left to right: “The Color of Community”, “Unity in Color”, and “Uplifting”. These three mosaics were commissioned by Chase Bank for the Minnesota Avenue Branch in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington DC.

Designed by: Shantisa & Jada

Fabricated by: the AOB Studio Crew

“John” mural commissioned by Chase Bank for the Cabin John Branch in Montgomery County, Maryland. Designed in collaboration with Artaic.

Designed by: Jadyn

Fabricated by: Artaic and the AOB Studio Crew

From left to right: “Untitled”, “Untitled. These two mosaics were commissioned by Chase Bank for the Silver Spring Branch in the Silver Spring neighborhood of Maryland.

Designed by: Shantisa & Jada

Fabricated by: the AOB Studio Crew