Connect Online with AOB!

Industry professionals, working artists, community members, and the culturally curious — AOB champions are all committed to emerging creatives getting great career starts. Be part of our movement to build cultural inclusion and economic equity!

  1. Become a Mentor – Share your professional knowledge and connect as a mentor to one of our crew members or apprentices.
  2. Block Talks – Present your creative interests, technical know-how, and/or industry expertise to an enthusiastic group of emerging creatives. You can attend as a participant too!
  3. Make Plans for a Mosaic WorkshopOnline workshops coming soon! Bring your friends, host a party or hold a team building day for your office. Available online soon with materials shipped to you!
  4. Become a Creative Champion – Though the plans for our new studio in downtown Silver Spring are on hold until it’s safe to return, you can help us keep the momentum going. Donate to include your name, honor a loved one, or add inspiring words to the artwork itself!
  5. Take a VR tour of the new studio!  – Social share our expansion news. Make sure friends and neighbors know about the creative teens and young adults pursuing art & design careers in downtown Silver Spring. 
  6. Review us on Yelp! and Facebook and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  7. Commission an Artwork – Collaborate with our studio crew to produce and install a one-of-a-kind artwork for large or small scale development projects.
  8. Name a Space in our New Studio – This space provided through the generous support of… You!
  9. Share Your Stock – An easy and a great way to secure the future of Arts on the Block, and (with the help of your financial advisor) gain a tax benefit. 
  10. Join our Board of Directors – Are you a leader committed to the region and interested in youth development, art & design industries, urban planning, corporate responsibility and/or small business management? We need your strategy and sparkle to help guide AOB’s expanding leadership and service.