MCDOT Rockville Pike

Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT)

Rockville Pike

This project includes the planning, community outreach, design, fabrication and installation of 34 public art sidewalk insets at 11 BRT station locations along US 29 in Montgomery County. A rapid transit service will operate between the Silver Spring Transit Center and the Burtonsville Park-and-Ride Center is scheduled to launch on in early 2020. These new public art pieces were planned and designed through a community-integrated process and will be installed at new station platforms.

Apprentice Design Process
The MCDOT team participated in multiple meetings with AOB apprentices. The first meeting in early spring 2018 provided design direction to apprentices, shared perspective about design careers in transportation fields, and planned community outreach events. The second meeting in late spring 2018 provided feedback on proposed designs and make artwork selections. AOB apprentices also participate in three community outreach events in March 2018 to gain insight from community members, and have followed up with the MCDOT team for subsequent meetings to plan future work.

Artwork Design & Location
The new stations will include branded signage, real-time route signage, and modern designs for the shelters themselves. Pour Your ART Out (PYAO) apprentices and teaching teams are fabricating the mosaic sidewalk insets to be installed in the concrete area of each new station platform. Each piece is unique to its location by incorporating a local reference into the design with unifying elements that incorporate themes derived from project planning and community engagement.

This project was executed by AOB’s Pour Your Art Out (PYAO) apprenticeship program, overseen by Lead Teaching Artist Kristine Aono with Assistant Teaching Artist Julia Davenport.

Completed AOB piece "Transit Out of this World", installed at Lake Forest Transit Center