Special Spaces Designed for Creativity and Community

Show your commitment to AOB’s longterm vision for youth, community, and creative entrepreneurship

Designed by Hickok Cole, the new AOB headquarters includes an expanded mosaic studio, digital design lab, showcase gallery, pop-up art shop, and more. Our new spot in downtown Silver Spring is a hub of activity for young creatives, teenage artists and emerging professionals throughout the region. 

New Mosaic Studio – $150,000
Double the size of our current studio, with moveable walls, flexible tables and chairs, smart storage, and beautiful natural light!

Community Inspiration Wall – $75,000
Positioned prominently in public space, the inspiration wall will feature the latest concepts and placemaking experiments of our apprentice and studio crew. 

Digital Design Lab – $25,000
Collaborating with the mosaic studio, the design lab will explore new possibilities in an ancient artform, and expand the opportunities for emerging technologists.

Client Conference Room – $25,000
A digitally-dynamic space with a round table, glowing light and glass walls, our conference room is designed for great teamwork.

Showcase Gallery – $25,000
Curated quarterly by the AOB crew, this street-facing, showcase gallery greets neighbors, visitors, and thousands of future commuters on the Purple Line. 

Apprentice Lounge – $25,000
Featuring amphitheater seating, a pantry, lunch tables and lockers, the apprentice lounge is the place for our creative crew to talk, take a break, sketch and dream.

Storefront Graphics – $25,000
Boasting huge street-facing windows at the busy intersection of Wayne and Fenton, our storefront will reflect the creativity of downtown Silver Spring day and night.

Art Fair Pop Up Shop – $25,000
Help us make mosaics on the go! This custom- designed mobile unit will allow apprentices to pop up an AOB shop at regional art fairs.

Studio Tables, $10,000 – Received!
Thanks to Francie and Tim Hester, we will have the work tables that allow us the make and move large public artworks with ease.