Studio Crew Design 3D Gallery that Expands Space

Welcome to the 2021 Studio Crew Elements of Art Online Gallery!

View the full exhibit in our virtual reality gallery

In their current show, live through July 30th, 2021, crew artists developed a 3D virtual experience for their gallery that stretches the boundaries of our online and in-person exhibit spaces. Curated by Jadyn Covington and produced by the AOB Studio Crew, this 3D exhibit shows that ‘you don’t have to restrict yourself as an artist to one medium and that your creativity can pull you in any direction you wish.’

Human-centered design challenges drive high-performing teams of young creative professionals to build on the resources of the Silver Spring space, and our digital studios powered by the Adobe Employee Community Fund. Learning happens daily and innovations include virtual and augmented reality, and robotics-assisted mosaic fabrication through our production partnership with Artaic