Mosaic “Unity in Color” designed by Shantisa & Jada for the Chase New Markets commission.

Our Racial Equity Statement

To build an environment in which young people can thrive, we must understand and acknowledge the ways in which white supremacy affects us all and actively work to dismantle it. To fully realize our mission to “empower creative youth to imagine and shape fulfilling futures, join the creative workforce, and contribute to the quality of life in their communities”, we must strive to be an anti-racist organization. AOB is committed to furthering racial equity development: in our studio environments; across all of our programs; through our partnerships and via the connections nurtured with communities; and within our client relationships and the public art projects we choose. We recognize, celebrate, and respect the identities and needs of every person in the AOB community.

Created during the spring of 2021, this statement was drafted and refined by the AOB Racial Equity Team. This statement might evolve from year to year as AOB seeks to expand and strengthen our practices and commitment to the organizational mission. Please contact the Racial Equity Team with any questions or comments.