Black Hill-Germantown

Lerner Enterprises

Black Hill-Germantown “Season of Sunrises”

Located off I-270 in Germantown, Maryland, Black Hill Germantown is 110-acre planned mixed-use development that will feature over three million square feet of upscale office, residential, senior living, retail and hotel sites conveniently located within a natural setting. Black Hill will offer a vibrant sense of place for residents and employees alike. 

Mosaic Design Integrations
This project includes the design and fabrication of multiple mosaic landscape integrations at the new Black Hill development. Included in Phase 1 are mosaics for seat walls and retaining walls in six park areas, a total of 411 square feet of mosaic artwork. 

Apprentice Artist Design Process
In an initial meeting, Jean Efron Art partners and the Black Hill design team met with AOB apprentices to review the landscape plans and for apprentices to receive design direction, ask questions, and take notes to inform their initial concept designs. This meeting was also an opportunity for the client design team to share with the apprentices about their own professional background and careers in their respective fields.

Subsequent meetings were scheduled to review proposed designs and make artwork selections. Apprentices presented their design concepts and received feedback from the client design team. Several designs were selected initially and revisions were requested as the client team selected mosaic materials and made final decisions on artwork placement and site integration. 

Mosaic Fabrication and Installation
The AOB crew is now fabricating the mosaic artwork according to approved artwork designs and the architectural plans. AOB will complete our work in late spring and Black Hill-Germantown is scheduled to open in fall 2020.

The Lerner and Jean Efron teams visit the AOB studio