City of Gaithersburg

Mosaic Art Sculpture at Diamond Farm Skate Spot

Built in 2010, the Diamond Farm Skate Spot is an active recreation area nestled in a larger park location in the Diamond Farm neighborhood at 857 Quince Orchard Blvd in Gaithersburg MD. The City of Gaithersburg requested a visual art feature to better mark the park and bring color and design to the well-used location.

In theme or content, the artwork would need to refer to the purpose and function of the Skate Spot, and such references could be literal, abstract, metaphorical, whimsical, stylized, or lyrical. The artwork should be able to withstand intense sunlight, hail, snow, ice, wind, wide temperature fluctuations, and the inherent activity of a Skate Spot. The artwork should be designed and fabricated to be durable, requiring minimal or infrequent low cost maintenance. Artwork should not present any safety and/or security concerns.

AOB Apprentices met with clients and proposed a multimedia installation that included both mosaic and painted murals. Directed by Lead Teaching Artist Melissa Ezelle, The Apprentice Program completed this large scale commission in the summer of 2022.

AOB apprentices at the installation of the Gaithersburg Skate Spot commission in summer 2022
Close up of mosaic detail from Skate Spot commission