The Sculptor and Blacksmith: Valerie

Illustration of the head and shoulders of a redheaded, smiling girl

Adventurous, curious, strong and sweet, Valerie loves to discover new skills. She has dabbled in many things, from wood carving to blacksmithing. 

Ever since she was young, Valerie wanted to be an adventurer. Most of her childhood was spent exploring the vast wilderness behind her family’s home. She found so many different plants and animals, big and small, and she fell deeply in love with nature. 

Collecting artifacts from her excursions, she would build them together to make something to document her experience. She tells stories with what she creates. 

There are many things that Val wants to be in life, she can’t pick just one, so she tries to learn as much as she can. She has been particularly proficient in blacksmithing and pottery, using her grandfather’s forge as a kiln for her pots and jars. Valerie dreams of traveling to Japan to learn the techniques of the pottery masters, and make her very own bonsai dishes. See her resume.

Valerie's Artist Statement

“There is nothing I love more than working with my hands. Whether it be building a shed, throwing clay, or hammering hot steel, the importance of hard work is the core of my beliefs. It’s amazing that with just a bit of work, you can create something entirely new! Picking out patterns from the chaos is how art is made. Everything you need is already here, you just have to start working!”

Valerie Yohannason was created by Studio Crew Artist Madeline Hook. Learn more about Madeline’s work at AOB here.

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